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Air Conditioning Service in Peoria, AZ

It is uncomfortable to drive without a functioning air conditioning system. Fortunately, we can immediately identify and repair your A/C system. If you suspect a problem with your air conditioning system, bring your car to Tech 1 Auto in Peoria, AZ. We’ll be glad to help you with our vast knowledge and expertise; you can never go wrong with us..

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When you switch on your air conditioner, you could certain unusual signs that indicate a problem with your A/C system. Any of the following can indicate A/C system malfunction:

  • Cold air does not flow through the vents
  • There is absolutely no airflow
  • The vents are improperly  letting out air
  • Odd noises occur when you turn on the air conditioner
  • Disturbing smell


If you notice any of these issues, it’s possible that your car’s air conditioning system needs to be repaired or replaced. Our specialists will evaluate your vehicle’s belts and hoses, coolant level, compressors, and fan for leaks to find the specific source of the problem.  We can do an A/C system recharge to flush out the old Freon and replace it if required. Replacing the fluid will make the system perform at its best.

It's in our name that we are #1 in all the services we provide you

Customers come to our auto repair shop for transmission problems, damaged spark plugs, under inflated tires, and any other problem their vehicle may have because of automobile wear and tear or just an unexpected breakdown of car parts.

Additionally, we strive to give each and every one of our clients excellent assistance in repairing your vehicle swiftly and efficiently.

What to expect in Tech 1 Auto?

Time is valuable for everyone; that is why we make sure to relieve the unnecessary stress on your shoulders and have your vehicle fixed as soon as possible.

Bringing your automobile in for factory-recommended maintenance is highly suggested to help you prevent severe problems and limit more expensive repairs down the road.

We would love for you to bring it to us so that we can accurately and fairly diagnose your vehicle’s issues and quickly fix the cause of the problem in our auto repair shop so that you can get back on the road.

At Tech 1 Auto, you can expect top customer and car repair service: to have competitive prices on all of our car air conditioning services and other services we have at hand. We offer top-quality auto repair services only performed by ASA- and ASE-certified, expert mechanics.

Your vehicle will undergo a complete look-over at any service visit with us, allowing us to determine what we can do to fix the problem with your car.

We do not charge for any service without your approval. If your vehicle requires diagnostic tests, the charge to do so depends on the difficulty of the problem.  Again, with your authorization, we do all our assessments and treatments/services in our state-of-the-art facilities.  

Other services we offer include diagnostics, preventive maintenance, transmission repairs, and alternative fuel vehicle repair. We are proudly a NAPA AutoCare Center and provide 3-year and 36,000-mile nationwide warranty on our repairs. For more questions, please don’t hesitate to call or inquire online, and one of our staff would be happy to assist you.

You can make arrangements if you want your vehicle to be picked up or delivered at your location; a customer shuttle is also available. Another convenient option is a loaner car. We have a waiting room for immediate fixes, and you can enjoy our complimentary wifi and coffee.